Large Cardboard Boxes

Small Cardboard Boxes

Small cardboard boxes are the younger siblings of large cardboard boxes. They often extend the features of cardboard boxes in general and allow for a more flexible approach to shipping and mailing items.

Cardboard Boxes

An overview and short description of most popular use for cardboard boxes. Major types of commercially viable cardboard moving and shipping boxes are listed and differences outlined.

Thermoforming Clamshell Packaging and Plastic Enclosures

How to safely open thermoforms and blister packaging. Consumer, retailer, manufacturers and governmental viewpoints for or against clamshell packaging.

Large Cardboard Boxes – Packaging and Shipping Best Practices Continued

Shipping a heavier electronics item with a double box or soft foam in dual large cardboard boxes.

Structure of a Large Cardboard Box

Overview of the structure of a large cardboard box. Corrugated fiberboard, combined board, containerboard, linerboard and flutes. Read more inside.

Types of Large Cardboard Boxes According to ASTM and FEFCO

Types of Cardboard Boxes According to American Society for Testing and Materials and the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers.

Cardboard Boxes and Packing Tape: Clear, Brown or Custom Packing Tape?

Types of adhesive tape and their most popular usage. Almost all types of packing tape are listed with details on what is relevant and appropriate for the shipping and packaging industry. Packing tape explained.

Large Cardboard Boxes – History and Overview

Large cardboard boxes – history and short overview.

How to Break Down Large Cardboard Boxes

Break down cardboard boxes with or without tools. Store or discard the flattened boxes.

Large Cardboard Boxes – Handy Pieces of Furniture

Large cardboard boxes tend to be most frequently used as storage containers. Whether storage is shipped or static in the basement or garage, it often lives in a cardboard box.