Large Cardboard Boxes

Biorefining – New Utilization Methods for the Building Blocks of Large Cardboard Boxes

Biorefining – in a nutshell this is what wood chips and pulp waste disintegrate to – lignin and cellulose. Lignin can then be used in the form of various fibers, resins even as some additives to construction cement mixes. The real potential comes from cellulose – it contains sugar and that makes it ultra-valuable for […]

Recycling of Electronics and Hazardous Materials

Packaging is only one of the areas where electronics continue to improve. Their circuitry is also becoming more and more eco friendly and green.

Solar Compactors

Compactors are used to pack all sorts of items and a rather popular for crushing small and large cardboard boxes. This particular style of compactors are rare and unique since they are powered by their top-mounted solar panels.

Cardboard Boxes Recycling and Waste Management Motivation in North America vs Europe

Cardboard boxes and packaging material should be recycled to minimize out environmental footprint. Efforts and avenues of how this is achieved differ.

Can Packaging Material Be Grown as Opposed to Manufactured?

Grow your favorite packaging material as opposed to make it from petroleum. Applies to a number of plastic containers and some helped to cardboard boxes.

A Breather for Waste Management Companies in a rPET Bottle

Pepsi launches an all-new rPET recycled bottle with reduced carbon footprint. Another effort to make packaging more environment friendly.

Plastic Recycling and Reduce, Reuse Recycle Taken to the Next Level

The ultimate reuse of plastic bottles. Better than container deposit legislation and hopefully about to be implemented for cardboard boxes and shipping containers.

Plastic Shopping Bags and Over Packaging

Can the plastic bags with our new shoes in their own cardboard box cause over packaging?

How is Particleboard Made?

Particleboard usage and mixture from magic increments to make furniture which is eventually wrapped in plastic and transported in large cardboard boxes to customers.

Cardboard Boxes, Polyvinyl Chloride and Running Shoes

Large cardboard boxes and PVC. Is PVC safe to use or is it better to stick to paper products?

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