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This web blog will temporarily deviate from the issues of large cardboard boxes and corrugated fiberboard. Nevertheless, the topic remains valid and is relevant. A recent TV commercial shows a waste management person driving an electric garbage truck doing the usual curbside collection by taking all post consumer waste to an incinerator. The latter burns off the household disposal items at high temperature and manufactures electricity which in turn provides resources for powering the garbage collection vehicles. Rather neat idea if cost can be controlled within a reason.

A similar idea is shown on the picture below. This modern three-compartment mini dumpster is a pretty sight and a piece of the art waste management achievement. It is designed with a solar panel in one section providing enough power to drive a piston-style action or a press for the comingled items inside. Paper products such as corrugated cardboard or even newsprint and magazines go in the right section while recyclables such as bottles and cans go to the left. The compactor section is in the middle and appears to require no human intervention to activate except for maybe empty the liner at the scheduled intervals. Great advantage here is the fact that regular garbage collection times and crews differ from those of the folks who collect the plastics and recycled paper. This means that the compactor would naturally pack more items in the same trash bag allowing for less frequent trips by the curbside collection crew. In addition, it will simply fit more within a certain time frame, allowing for less messy areas around it and keeping the original good look of the device.

These solar compactors have a call-home feature similar to some larger mainframe computers or relevant devices in need of constant monitoring. This option will not only signal for needed service or repairs – it would also send the waste management trucks away if it is not full up to a level and optimize delivery routes and planning ultimately keeping less oversize vehicles on the road and helping traffic. Another great benefit here is that loads which are to be picked up are nicely packed and space inside garbage collection trucks is optimized eliminating bulky light loads which are rather inefficient for waste management teams. What is more, these perfected and sustainable dumpsters are made in the US by a company out of Massachusetts and claim to be RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) compliant. This directive strictly regulates contents of substances such as mercury, cadmium ,lead, polybrominated biphenyls (used for fire prevention) in products for both indoor and outdoor usage. The solar compactors are not only efficient – they are safe to use with no side effects and unregulated elements used in their circuitry.

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