Large Cardboard Boxes | Packing Tape and Cardboard Boxes

Packing Tape and Cardboard Boxes

The full list of packing tape with its various styles and description is posted here on this page. Among the listed packing tape categories are duct tape, gaffer tape, carton-sealing tape,  cloth tape, j-lar tape,  electrical tape, custom packing tape, kapton tape and reflective tape.

Packing tape gives the needed strength and completes large cardboard boxes turning them into shipments or parcels.  It ensures safety of the packed content together with enough slickness so that  boxes could nicely ease into conveyor belts and other steps of the transportation process.  This post will not go into further details on packing tape. Instead, it hosts some pictures of packing tape and cardboard boxes which appear to be overwhelming and gradually taking over all available empty space in offices, store rooms, delivery vehicles etc:

Packing Tape

Packing tape

Packing Tape

Packing tape stacks in both retail and wholesale amounts

Cardboard Boxes Stacks

Large stacks of cardboard boxes seem to occupy every inch of free space

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