Large Cardboard Boxes | How to Lift Large Cardboard Boxes in Six Steps?

How to Lift Large Cardboard Boxes in Six Steps?

Trivial as this may sound, this topic is important as cardboard boxes tend to be awkward to lift especially when they are large. Cardboard, or corrugated fiberboard, has different characteristics according to its design purpose. Some such features are puncture resistance, edge crust test, fire or water retardation qualities etc. Properly manufactured boxes tend to get heavier and sturdier with size as their corrugated flutes are denser and in more layers. Extra large items, such as furniture or large appliances can come with wooden boards to support their contents. Using special packing tape with plastic filaments and regular plastic strapping is also the norm here when loads get heavy or of custom requirements.

Here are some proper lifting techniques for lifting properly:

  • lift with your legs – what that really means is that you actually have to squat next to the box or bend your knees as much as you can. That offloads the weight to your legs as opposed to your back
  • stand up with your legs and go underneath the weight as opposed to trying to straighten your back with it. A great example here are the heavy weight-lifters – they literally slide below their weights
  • even a lighter box can cause trouble when you least expect it. Follow above steps to keep your back healthy
  • a nice thick belt always helps and so do steel toes and knee pads although they can be somewhat irrelevant when we are at home just moving stuff around
  • depending on how far you need to travel with your oversized cardboard box, keep your knees bent and be extra careful with steps – especially going downstairs as the weight of the load tends to move forward and lower
  • once destination has been reached lower in the box in the same manner – using your legs and knees

Lifting heavy and bulky items over your head should be avoided for evident safety reasons. Falling backwards when perched on a stool or chair while holding a box with fragile items that belong to the honey looks least attractive to the opposite gender and scores very few points. Instead, stick to checklist above.


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